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Neat site

I just wanted to bring to your attention a really neat site for helping kids learn colors, shapes, animals and all sorts of things. You can download demos of each program so you can see if it would be appropriate. Each program is reasonably priced and you can pick and choose which ones you want to work on. And each program goes from really basic to a bit complicated so you can set it to your child’s level:


Neat site / Neat site

I bought the learning software from BloomingKids for my 3 year old non disabled son.  He was having some difficulty with his letters and just was not interested in my method of teaching him to textually respond to the letters in the alphabet. Since I discovered the learning software from Bloomingkids my son has mastered so far from A to I. He also is learning to write the letters he knows. Thanks for making such a fun and educational toy for children to learn from, because it can be difficult for them to learn from us parents.

This allows us to interact with each other while learning.

I have to say my son now loves to learn his ABC. He loves it when I help him with learning the letters.

Lisa Thompson / Bronx, NY

Dear Blooming Kids,

We love the simplicity of your programs. Our daughter seems to really connect to several of them. Most commercial products are to complex and confusing for her. Thank you SOOO much.

Dr. Leslie Pitchford / Salem, OR

we (parents) are always looking for educational things to use for our kids because they learn in a different way and your software is great for them, and I know because I have gone through alot of programs and have purchased enough software to open my own store but they have not been good for kids with autism and your programs are.

I am very impressed with the software programs….they really are great for kids with autism (I have a 5yr old w /Autism and a 7yr old w /Autism) and they both love the programs……
They have used the software everyday on their own . Thank you.

I am going to recommend them to other parents whenever the opportunity arises. I am the webmaster of our local autism chapter society and will put a link on the Kids pages to your site.
Thank you for creating good educational programs that kids with autism can benefit from.

Best Regards,

Jacqueline L. Cruse-Harris / Houston, Texas