This program has been designed to familiarize children with computers. It teaches some basic skills including cursor movements and mouse clicks.

There are of six categories of pictures. When a particular category is selected, a framed picture from that category is shown. Each picture is divided into segments. When the student moves the mouse pointer into a segment, the borders of the segment will light up. Then the student clicks inside the segment to fill the segment with color. When the drawing is completely filled, an animation related to the picture is shown.

Click on the “Help” button to view the help contents. The help file opens in a separate window.
Click on the “About” button to view the profile of this company.

The categories are: flowers, animals, birds, transportation, fruits, and people. The student can also select “All Categories” or any one of the categories.

There are “Home,” “Exit,” “Next,” and “Previous” buttons on the “Paint” screen.

When this button is clicked, the home page of the painting program will be shown.

If this button is clicked, the painting program closes.

If this button is clicked, the next picture appears.
The program shows all the pictures from one category. When the program completes a category, it recycles and repeats the category.
If “All Categories” is selected, it moves on to the next category.

This is “Previous”. If this button is clicked, the previous picture reappears.
There are six animated mouse pointers on the left side of the painting screen. This program opens with the default mouse pointer, a pointing finger. The other mouse pointers are a bee, a sun, a butterfly, a bird, and a teddy bear. The student can choose any of these mouse pointers by clicking on it.