Educational Software Company BloomingKids for Sale Says Spokesman

BloomingKids software began selling educational programs aimed at special needs children in 2006. Now, the Scarsdale, New York Company is looking for a buyer for itself.

Blooming Kids Software (BloomingKids) creates computer programs designed to teach children who have special needs. The company currently has 37 educational programs in its catalog. The company spokesman noted that BloomingKids is proud of the cooperative nature of its production process. He pointed out that educational experts and parents of children with special needs combined their knowledge to develop Blooming Kids Software.

While the products are aimed at learning disabled children, the spokesman said, the clarity and simplicity of the programs makes them suitable for all children. “BloomingKids may specialize in creating software for children with special needs, but any child can benefit from learning the skills our programs teach,” said Path Tharmarajah, the spokesman for Blooming Kids Software. “The programs develop many different skills, including memory enhancement and generalization of objects.”

The programs are also made with care-givers’ needs in mind. Tharmarajah says, “Most of our programs offer testing and reporting capabilities so parents can monitor the children’s success.”

Tharmarajah explains that “The programs target developmentally challenged children with Autism, PDD–that’s Pervasive Developmental Delay–and other children who require early intervention.” He added that the programs include instructions for children who need help with skills like listening, identifying, matching and auditory processing. Additionally, he says, “The software provides innovative techniques in the instruction of skills, such as memory enhancement, computer usage–meaning mouse and keyboard training–fine motor development, and increasing attention span.”

The company’s owners hope to find a buyer who will continue the company’s mission of helping learning disabled children. Tharmarajah says “If the buyer has a soft heart for children who have learning disabilities, so much the better. But we will accept a reasonable offer.” He adds that, “If anybody buys our company, we will give support for the first few months to accommodate the new buyer.”

And what if the company can’t find a suitable buyer right away? Tharmarajah says, “If we do not find a buyer, we will keep this business going, but we may have to offer less support during these hard times.”

To contact the company, call them at (914) 713- 4440 or send an email to patt (at) bloomingkids (dot) com.

Contact Information:
36 Lincoln Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583


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